It is probably destiny that Melanie and Cagin ended up working together in the garage door industry, since they first met over 20 years ago in Melanie’s parents’ garage.

From their first meeting, it wasn’t long before they became best friends and not long after boyfriend and girlfriend. It was the start of a partnership that was going to continue strong, not only romantically but also professionally.

Cagin started his working career at B&D Garage doors at the young age of 17. He started working in the factory, loading the installers daily with their doors and motors and organising the factory to a high standard. It wasn’t long before they saw his potential and wanted him to progress into an office position. Not long after he moved into the Builders department and then later became their scheduler of installations.

He realised that he wanted to advance into a higher position and applied for a Sales Rep role at Gliderol. Of course, he got the job and was in this role for over a year when they also desired him to progress into an Account Managers position.

It was at this point in time that Cagin realised that what he longed for was to one day run and own his own garage door company but, in order to make this happen he would also need to know how to install and service doors.

Cagin used the friendships and contacts he had made over the years to help him acquire the skills and techniques required to install and service residential doors to a high standard. It was from this point that Inspire Garage Doors was born.

When Cagin left B&D at the age of 20, he put in a good word for his then girlfriend Melanie to apply for a role in the builder’s department. She got the job straight away and it wasn’t long until she too also moved into the Scheduler’s role, a position she held for over 8 years.

From scheduling she advanced into the Dealer Sales Department and acquired excessive knowledge on all parts B&D.

Melanie and Cagin Married in 2010 and had their first child in 2011. Melanie always wanted to progress into a Sales Rep role but found every time a role became available, she was heavily pregnant.

Finally, she had her 3 kids and was no longer pregnant when a great opportunity had come up as a Mobile Sales Consultant for B&D2You. There was no hesitation within B&D and she was given the position.

It was here in this role that saw Melanie succeed with her customers as a caring and knowledgeable sales consultant, a position that was made for her.

Cagin knew that he needed to get his wife to join the company business and ended up succeeding in winning her over.

They are now the face of Inspire Garage Doors and are committed to making your journey within the garage door market as enjoyable, stress free and positive as possible.

When their motto is “We are obsessed with our customers' success”.  How could you go wrong!